On the market of assets management, companies find themselves today confronted to many challenges and conditions that put their financial systems to test.

These challenges that face assets management companies :

The huge amount of information that requires a renewable information system more adapted to communication and reporting setting use.

Clients who are becoming more demanding regarding the form, the quality and data processing time.

The legal texts and regulations dictated by the law.

Solutions brought to you by Peaqock Funds :

PEAQOCK Funds provides you with the privilege of accurate and right on time information. It’s a high performance tool to enable our clients to have an insight to their business anytime and anywhere.

Centralized and fully integrated, your data can be structured and personalized according to whatever legal requirements that regulate your business field.

PEAQOCK Funds offers OCPCV the service of industrialization clients reporting’s generation processing in a record time and with remarkable ergonomics.

Our Target

Wealth manager

Mutual Fund providers


Hedge Fund

Private Bank

Private Equity


Banks, insurance companies and pension funds all share a crucial and growing need in terms of central tools for data entry allowing them a systematic follow up of their activities.Besides asset management, the institutions above need to generate many kinds of reportings about regulations, financial solvability, Business, Legal aspect, financial aspect and accounts consolidation.


The solution brought to you by PEAQOCK Institutional :

PEAQOCK Institutional brings you innovative solutions for centralizing data, by gathering all of your reporting on the same dynamic and ergonomic platform with great facilities allowing you to have a close eye on the evolution of your business performance indicators.The access to PEAQOCK Institutional is provided by a login ID, and regulated by top management.

All the reportings and data restored in the company’s space are restricted by the head of the company which has the power to select who can have an access to visualize certain information and which reporting shall remains classified.

  • Regulation and financial solvability

    Institutions are dealing with lots of statutory requirements to cope with business and legal regulations. At PEAQOCK we provide evidence shaped in reportings and documents proving the eligibility and accordance of your practice with current law.



  • Asset-liability management :

    PEAQOCK Institutional includes your data in a dynamic way to create follow-up dashboards that are accessible at any time. Risk alerts are also scheduled to give you a head’s up on any potentiality that can threaten your business.
  • Business aspect

    Based on both, your conveniences and your business requirements, we set you up with a large selection of performance indicators and reporting models.

  • Legal aspect

    Our approach consists on computerizing and saving manuscripts to avoid data lose:

    • To save and store delicate legal documents;
    • To facilitate data sharing;
    • To upgrade your documents indexing process;
    • To adapt your reports to every follow up notification
  • Financial aspect

    The accuracy of PEAQOCK Insitutionnal financial performance indicators shields your business against market risks.
    We provide a full assess of your business financial strength and help you keep an eye on every ongoing transaction.

    PEAQOCK Institutional enable you to generate:

    • Consolidated income statements
    • Annual reportings
    • Key financial indicators
    • Cash-flow statements
    • And many other accounts.
  • Branches data consolidation

    Accurate branches data consolidation is one of the key commitments of PEAQOCK Institutional.

    Every transactions, reporting or data sharing between the headquarters and the branch is recorded and consolidated to be eventually visualized in the space dedicated to the head company. This approach is in order to allow companies to have a global follow-up of their activity and to stay vigilant regarding anomalies that may appear at the level of subsidiaries.


Corporate firms have an enormous amount of data to deal with; influential data gathered in order to make rightful strategic decisions on a daily basis. Top Management might encounter some data-recovery difficulties due to the complexity of the informational systems and the diversity of reporting picks.

We offer adjusted services that match our corporate clients’ needs :

  • Communication and requests trading for internal and external exchange dematerialization purpose.
  • Reporting and dashboard conception for a better business follow-up.