For institutionals.

That you are an insurance, a mutual insurance company, a pension fund or a bank, peaqock proposes you some custom-made solutions for the automation of internal reportings…

For Asset Managers.

Peaqock accompany Asset Managers (Asset Management Companies, hedge fund, capital investor, trading room) for a better image of expertise and quality towards the investors.

For companies.

Peaqock strengthens and treats your data set by centralizing them in a one and only platform. You can consult your data on different types of devices (Web, Smartphone, Tablet, …)


Solutions provided by PEAQOCK

Peaqock Instit

PEAQOCK invented a solution that centralizes the data set and the reportings in a single ergonomic, dynamic and easy to use interface to take out indicators and reports necessary for the decision-making.

Peaqock funds

PEAQOCK Funds is a high performance platform which allows you to realize custom-made reportings and immediately for all funds. Besides your expertise in management, the investors receive reporting personalized with an irreproachable ergonomics, to manage and to master your funds informations while allowing you to reach it quickly and easily.

Peaqock corpo

Dedicated to the SME (SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISE) and Large companies. PEAQOCK Corpo is the remedy adapted for the exhaustive management of the important flows of data.

The business managers can reach their data every time and on every types of devices.


Facility combined with great design


    PEAQOCK is a high level secured platform that requires a thin verification of all types of identification data.


    Our expertise in business intelligence is driven by 4 key elements: Adaptability, Communication & Marketing, Reporting, Consulting .


    all data forms can be supported by PEAQOCK


    Create your own personal reporting by selecting a convenient model from our custom made reportings library


    Using PEAQOCK reduces by 70% the time required to create reportings and cuts by half the time spent on customer management in management companies.

  • Platform

    Sharing space to share files and data


A customizable expertise



Access administration


Static and dynamic reporting’s creation.


Reporting, graphics and file hosting.


Accounts consolidation and internal communication


Data visualization by selection and hierarchical rank


Custom made requests.


The universe of PEAQOCK


Clients Feedback


  • A well achieved expert in investment and risk management. Mohammed has started his career as a risk manager at CACIB (Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank), previously known as Calyon.At the back then Finance and Investment department of Crédit Agricole and Crédit Lyonnais, he worked on many critical derivative products related issues and left afterwards to join Sycomore Asset Management, one of the European leaders in stacks management market with an asset value exceeding 2.5 Billion. His work was about Performance indicators and Risk analysis.
  • After leaving Sycomore Asset Management, he joined SAHAM Insurance Company for a higher position as an investments manager. He led many strategic and operational projects there and was mainly in charge of Stocks and Bonds portfolio management of the Group (A value estimated for over than 8 Billions MAD.)
  • Back in 2014 Mohammed has launched the company PEAQOCK Financials with a line of 3 products: PEAQOCK Funds; PEAQOCK Institutional and PEAQOCK Corporate.


A further analysis of the market


Our expertise extensions:

  • Critical analysis of the law of finance and its consequences over the economy and business activities
  • GDP elaborated reporting by sectors
  • Case studies: Drawing power analysis for international and local markets
  • Monthly reports of trade markets evolution
  • And many other reportings


Coming soon !

This section will be dedicated to detailed studies and analysis about Moroccan mutual fund provider operators (Performance indicators; Assets; Activity assays and more other kinds of analysis).


Frequently asked questions


No, With PEAQOCK you’re free to choose whether to save your data on our cloud or keep it restored in your company.

Before anything, we sign a confidentiality statement with every one of our clients and apply the terms of CNDP (National committee of personal data protection and control ) charter for online data protection and clients’ confidentiality.

No you don’t. We will personalize our offer to match your needs, no matter what they are.

PEAQOCK will cope with your data by plugging to your internal system and centralizing the information.

After communicating your specifications to our team of experts. We proceed to deliver you the custom made service and add it after to our set of services.

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